Sunday, March 2, 2008

"The Great Product Series"....0001

This is my first product shot and you can see and feel this in the photo..

I used three strobes.

1)canon 580 EX mounted on a boom arm above the kit with white umbrella 32".

MANUAL MODE, 1/32 power and the white card of the strobe was exctended.

2)canon 550 EX to the left of the camera, mouned on a tripod with white 32" umbrella.

Again MANUAL MODE, 1/32 power.

3) canon 580 EX II under the kit.The kit whas relaxing on a piece of white plexiglass, so i lighted throug the plexiglass.

MANUAL MODE, 1/32 power.

Here is the setup shot.
As you can see from the first shot (the shadow on the left), i didn't calculate chair's arm whright.
A canon EOS5D whas used and the strobes triggered with the ST-E2 transmitter.
ISO 200, 1/160 F:6.3, AWB and i shot in RAW.
LENS:Sigma DG 24-70mm f:2.8
The files where cropped in Photoshop and i just applied an unsharped Mask.
I bet that you can achieve this shot with less equipment.
I was to excited i guess, and i wanted to use all of my equipment.