Friday, April 4, 2008


Yes, i's been a while...but you know...i've been busy...(almost a classic excuse)..!

So this is little Jim.Isn't he cute?Normally i don't get to excited with babies, but it seems that this little fellow had me from the beginning..!

He is 9 months old and this is the reason he exists........

Joanna and Kostas, aka "the usurer"....

I had a great time shooting at their wedding a few months ago, and now it was time for little Jim..Like his parents, he didn't cry, we played with him, he played with us and...."Like his parents??"..

Anyway, we had scheduled this shot for his baptism invitations cards...and here are some photos, from the day..

I will post the final version of the invitation in a few days, along with some post process info.
Right now we are waiting for Joanna to announce her final decision..
Thank you Jim for this wonderful experience..

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