Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Come on baby light my Fire...MAHA POWEREX KIT"

I first saw this brand of rechargable batteries on Grand Master's of camera light
(less gear,more brain,better light) aka Strobist,David Hobby's blog.

These are the new Maha Powerex NiMH 2700mAh AA rechargable batteries with their MH-C800S Eight Cell Smart Charger .

"The Kit"
The kit comes with this digital eight cell smart charger and eight batteries.
Power supply unit DIN connector included.
Eight indepented Slots for AA or AAA batteries
LCD display
Recharges in 1-2 hours (default Mode)
Deep Cycle Conditioning
Selectable Speed
Worldwide Power Supply
12 months guarantee
You have three choices.
1)Rapid Charge Mode (default)
You just plug the adapter into a compatible outlet and in about 1-2 hours the batteries are ready.
2)Soft Charging Mode
This is the right button from the photo and this is where this baby comes.
The manufacturers say that this charger has the latest and most accurate microchip, so in other words this charger will charge the batteries until 0,001V.That means every cell of the batterie.
So this is the mode that can succeed this.The rechargable time changes to 2-4 hours.
3)Conditioning Mode
This is a special mode (left button) witch rejuvenates and cycles the batteries.Applies a special initial charge, discharge and recharge cycle which can restore battery performance.
Requires up to 16 hours to complete and the manufactures recommended that you must do this
every ten normal charges so that the performance of the batteries can be ensured.
"LCD screen"
You can see here just about anything.
Initial charging, discharging, standby for recharging or recharging, finished, witch mode do you use.
Are they good?Do they last?..Well..I don't know..I just bought them.I guess we will just have to wait and see.
I bought the kit with 8 extra batteries from Athens for 130euros, but i bet that people from other countries than Greece can find them much cheaper.

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