Monday, February 18, 2008


So, i had just received my first lighting kit (2 Impact Umbrellas 32" white with removable black backing, 2 hot shoe brackets, 2 Impact Air Cushioned Lightstands) can check out the hole kit here .Oh, and a Bogen/Manfrotto Mini Boom Kit..
I was so excited, my arms were shaking, my heart was beating fast......

I unpacked them and i just place them in the Living Room!!..for more than an hour..or a day..

For two days, i had the lightstand with the umbrellas and the brackets attached, sitting in my living room..without having any specific reason...(it's a kind of freak, isn't it?)...until..

The phone rung..It was my best buddie Chris (he is an excellent cabinet-maker by the way).
I had ordered him a wooden frame for use as a backdrop holder..and it was ready..

So, this is it...Chris was my first victim....Hey...i had to test my stuff somehow..!

I tortured him for about an hour and a half..this is the final result..

The setup is pretty simple..Canon Speedlight 580EX with white umbrella left and above Chris.Canon Speedlight 550EX behind him.Black fabric for backround.

A canon 5D whas used and the strobes were triggered with canon's ST-E2 transmitter.

Post Process? I removed the blemishes and i smoothed the skin.And i fixed the white ballance to.

This is a light diagram from the shot..

(Thank's to KEVIN KERTZ for his beautiful light diagram.Check him out here)

P.S-The result of the blue hue in the backround, is because of some light spill into the black fabric and a light blue cap in the 550EX)

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